Has the time come to censor what is classed as ‘entertainment’?

When I heard Amanda Palmer and Reb Fountain’s mash-up of “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke and “Rape Me” by Nirvana I was stunned into silence. It is raw, cathartic, and deeply revealing about the music we currently call popular, but who were these women?

Amanda Palmer is a performance artist…

We wear many layers of protective masks but what if we could make those representations of ourselves a deliberate and empowering choice?

As we arrive at the time of year when we choose a new mask to wear for a night of fun and revelry on Halloween, I’m wondering how many masks we are already wearing.

The daily mask of makeup as we begin each day reshaping what we confront in the…

You decide where you are meant to be.

Here’s the funny thing about feeling lost… you can’t be lost if you don’t have a specific place in mind you are supposed to be.

I’ve been thinking about the feeling of being ‘lost’ since the theme for this month’s blog hop was released by my writing community, Illuminate, and…

There’s a society-wide abusive relationship. Let’s end it.

I’ve been stuck in a loop, thinking about the changes that haven’t quite happened. The movements that rise and fall, again and again, gathering momentum as the public voice swells, only to fizzle out like a birthday balloon with a tiny hole.

It mirrors an abusive relationship but it’s almost…

a poem

Winter’s trees skeletal and stark
standing tall upon the frosted earth
the wind has torn away their layers of protection
exposing their skins to the harsh days ahead

yet with the loss comes opportunity
and the sunlight strikes the ground
turning ice to glistening jewels
the unforgiving hard ground to a carpet of…


Writing on the female experience, race, motherhood & self-development. Columnist at The Green Parent magazine. Follow me on IG @adeola_moonsong.

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