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Can white writers create characters of color?

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There’s a society-wide abusive relationship. Let’s end it.

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The meaning of this special time of year and 5 ways to use it.

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a poem.

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20th — 26th September

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Love and relationships

The relationships we form tend to be the most important and influential aspects of our lives. They influence how we think, what we do, and in our younger years, who we are.

Having supportive relationships improves not only our well-being in an emotional sense but in a very real and active way, as having that support can embolden us to reach for our dreams.

Equally, imbalanced relationships can be a drain on us in every way, holding us back, feeding self-doubt and creating additional challenges rather than helping us meet those that already exist.

This week I’d like to invite you to explore the relationships currently in your life, be they platonic, romantic or family, and the ways these bonds effect you.

What have these relationships taught you about what you want or do not want in future relationships?

Are you grateful for one specific relationship?

What are your strengths in relationships (kindness, empathy, etc.)?

What do you value most in relationships (trust, respect, sense of humour, etc.)?

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13th — 19th September

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I’m lucky that my creative outlet is portable. I can write anywhere as long as I get a little bit of alone time, something not always in rich supply!

What is your creative medium and is it something immediately accessible?

Do you have a ritual before you can begin or a special place that makes it flow so much easier?

Do you find it hard to prioritize your creative needs above the needs of others?

How was your relationship to creativity treated as a child and how has that changed now you are in charge?

I think having access to our creativity is essential, not a luxury. I don’t see it as time-wasting or an indulgence (anymore), I see it as the glue that holds me and therefore, my whole family together. Happy mum definitely equates to happy kids in our house.

Whether it’s a ‘room of one’s own’, the corner of a shelf, or your bedside table, where is the physical space you have carved out for your creativity?

Fairytale relationships do exist when they are sustained by the small things.

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Writing on the female experience, race, motherhood & self-development. Columnist at The Green Parent magazine. Follow me on IG @adeola_moonsong.

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